Kathleen Crook
Email = katcrook@yahoo.com

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My pottery is inspired by the colorful earthenware of Italy, Spain and other places where buildings and people are colorful and family, friends, eating and enjoying life are priorities. Sitting on a beach, watching the waves roll in, hiking in a forest, strolling in a garden are what come to mind. Functional pottery is the medium I use to express my love of sharing meals with friends and family. I love to hear about the pleasure people get from a special piece for their coffee, wine or dessert.

My love of nature is intuitively channelled into surface designs. Some decoration is done with music as my rhythmic inspiration and after the final firing, I am always pleasantly surprised to find and abundance of interesting imagery. The more controlled decoration is always akin to difficult meditation: a worthy effort, but not as fun as the dance with brushes and colors flying.

I fire at a low temperature to preserve the colors utilizing two distinctly different decorating techniques. One glazing technique is called maiolica, in which the surface is painted with colored stains mixed in a medium that is compatible to the base white glaze. It is sometimes referred to as tin glaze. I also apply colored slips to leather-hard pots and apply clear glaze to the bisque fired pieces.

I have been working primarily as a massage therapist for 10 years. I knew that I would have skill in this from working in clay. The process is very similar to wedging clay!