"Nests 1"  2007



Ellen Finholt MacLeod

November 21, 1951 - May 14, 2012


I began working in art as a performer; I was trained and worked as a professional actor for a number of years. I loved the process of observing, rehearsing, performing---I delighted in a loss of self that felt expansive and freeing. Later, I found that when I began to observe intently as a painter, working from life, a similar pleasure in process and discovery emerged. As I looked at something else, a person, a still life, a landscape, the looking slowly changed to seeing. I could become completely absorbed in the seeing, there was no end to seeing. This always begins for me in the stillness and silence of observation. When I am fortunate, perception opens up like wings, lifting me and directing what my eyes take in. It gives shape to the seeing and I become more spacious.







"Late Summer Afternoon"   2006

"Melting Ice"   2006

"Nests 2"   2007