May 14 - June 11, 2016

Vine Arts Center
2637   27th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN     55406
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NuCubism – A Show by Barry McMahon

Opening Event : May 14 @ 6 – 9pm

Journey inside the development of an artistic approach that spans over 25 years.
NuCubism is an approach created out of the evolution of technology and the adaptation of traditional media.
NuHeroes is a series within the larger framework that explores the artist's relationships with his personal heroes and how they have changed.

The entire artistic landscape changed considerably in the previous century. There have been advances in technology since the original Cubist painters were showing the object from all sides at once by fragmenting the space, flattening and simplifying the shapes.

NuCubism begins where Cubism, Constructivism and Assemblage combine.
NuCubism delivers a singular impression of numerous points of view.
Similarly, NuCubism evokes diverse responses, inspires vision and begs for discourse.

Become a part of the conversation and see how NuCubism effects you.

Barry McMahon has been creating fine art for over thirty-five years. In this show, Barry will present his treatise on NuCubism. Part journal, part manual, it is the culmination of seemingly disparate artistic paths distilled into a practical approach to creating and understanding an amazing body of work.

This show is great for artists, collectors and fine art enthusiasts alike.

Barry's studio is atop the Ivy Tower, above the Vine Arts Center Gallery, in the Ivy Building for the Arts, where he creates socially relevant works infused with humor, sarcasm, admiration, insight and love.

Barry is the President of Deeper Arts Inc., an art/animation and game/app development studio and an author of two books, a children's book entitled,
Happy Dumm-Dumms, available on Blurb, and The Magnificents: The World's Longest Field Trip, a young adult sci-fi novel, available on Amazon. His new novel is a series of magazine issues, beginning with Blue: an Artist's Novel, Issue 1 – Birth and Re-Birth and Issue 2 – LEER, both will be on display at the opening and are also available on

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